junho 08, 2010

nature calling

the hills have eyes
the clouds have arms
the river have feet
it should come as no surprise
that mother nature has its charms
find them and you'll have a treat


maio 23, 2010


waste of m$n€¥, waste of s p a c e
real? phoney?, smirking face :)
reality check, honey; you're easy to replace
shamelessly parading, trying to save face

y get me d and out
o get me o and out
u get me w and out
! get me n and out

one attempt at shooting the moon with a slingshot but no rock
and walking at snail's pace instead of racing the clock
i sit and wait for the penny to drop

s and w and l my m
i and a and o my i
t and i and s my n
, and t and e my d

you'd be singing in the sinking Titanic
putting iceberg on your cocktails
you'd roast marshmallows
on the fiery rubble of Rome
all i want to do is go home

" i w is t dream a
a i a is o dream g
l i n is . dream a
l i t is . dream i
" i ! is . dream n

i want out...

maio 22, 2010

who needs a bass player anyway?

maio 20, 2010

blast from the past

after this long hiatus (which will likely continue after this message) and with the start of 4th decade of my life looming in the not-so-distant future, i keep wondering where all the people i have met during my life (and somehow lost touch of in the process) are know and what they are doing.

i can't stop feeling that i am my own time capsule and that bits of my have been buried when i parted company with people that in little ways shaped the person i am today. luckily, there have been people that resurfaced after years of being absent and the old connection was still there, so i guess a blast from the past is an accurate expression.

i do wonder...


dezembro 09, 2009

false Eto'o...

maio 08, 2009


fevereiro 11, 2009

mete nojo - parte I

daqui a uma semana são estes...